The Monochrome collection brings hues and shadows in a monochromatic fashion with a splash of color and elegance. This collection catches shades of black and white giving it an evergreen dapper look. The shirts are crafted from Pure Egyptian Cotton, making it super luxurious and elegant.

Mr. Astronaut

If you want to try something different for a change switch to the astronaut shirt to give a casual evening look.

Mr. Dane

The dashing Mr. Dane has a detailed center yoke design balancing two running yoke panels in stripes and black.

Mr. Dawson

This shirt has a beautifully crafted “V-shaped” yoke design in a lovely metallic green cotton satin material.

Mr. Drake

The crafty Mr. Drake is constructed in a pure black body and white sleeve.

Mr. Fox

Mr Fox brings out the wild side with a wicked half shirt construction in black and the other half in white.

Mr. Hyde

This shirt gives you a classy asymmetrical design making the whole look of it more slender but chic.