Every look needs a tad bit of perfection, so when you are putting on your favorite dinner jacket you need to pair it up with a classy or quirky pocket square. Our in house stylists have curated each look with the perfect pocket square options as per our recommendation. Each Pocket Square is crafted individually and put through meticulous craftsmanship. We curate our very own fabrics to give you unique styles and designs.

Our classic pocket squares have timeless patterns and prints making them a definite dapper accessory in your wardrobe.

Black Dobby

Black Dobby is a classic fabric with a soft touch and feel, making it a pure classic addition to your pocket square wardrobe.

Bond Berry Dobby

Bond Berry is a Classic Dobby fabric with a soft hint of a crème combination and stripes.

Classic Brown

This limited edition textured Brown Dobby weave is an all-time favorite

Derby Amola

We love these dynamic checks that have soft colors and a smooth hand feel.

Derby Grey

Bring out the dandy you with this classy Derby Grey pocket square.

Derby Luxor

This classy handcrafted pocket square has a beautiful checkered design on it, with a mix of soft mustard yellow and grey.

Green Valentine

Add a bit of a jazzed up twist to your daily wardrobe, nothing says springtime louder than this print.

Red Aeroplane

Give your dressing an adrenaline touch with this aviation pocket square.

Red Anchor

Sail away with this fun nautical themed pocket square and create a fun look with a boring dinner jacket.

Rowley Linen

Dressing up with the Rowley Line pocket square makes sure you make a fashion statement.

Shark Attack

Give your dressing an adrenaline touch with this oceanic pocket square.

Sherlock Blue

This Sherlock Blue pocket squares takes your dapper game to a whole new level.

Sierra Squares

Give your dressing an adrenaline touch with this classy pocket square.

White Summers

White Summers is a classic pick for your pocket square collection.