Monochrome collection is exclusively handcrafted from the most exquisite fabrics and designs. It highlights and combines a classic influence of our modern culture focusing immensely on a balance between black and white. This collection was designed keeping a contemporary view in mind bringing in and encompassing a fusion of the eternal elegance and modern aestheticsThese hybrid designs are reflect today’s lifestyles which make it a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe.

Mr. Astronaut

This handcrafted luxury shirt has a gravity defying contrast as this pure black shirt has two running panels in white and an astronaut print.

Mr. Bryant
This classy evening shirt is in a full black mode with a beautifully handcrafted pin tuck yoke design to strike the right kind of balance.
Mr. Carter

Good Ol Mr. Carter brings us a fun black and white look with a yellow surprise collar contrast.

Mr. Dane

The dashing Mr. Dane has a detailed center yoke design balancing two running yoke panels in stripes and black. It also has a detailed collar and cuff.

Mr. Dawson

This handcrafted shirt has a beautifully crafted “V-shaped” yoke design in a lovely metallic green cotton satin material.

Mr. Drake

This handcrafted luxury shirt has a sleek contrast collar with double running bands across the sleeve to add to its suave appeal.

Mr. Fox
Mr Fox brings out the wild side with a wicked half shirt construction in black and the other half in white.
Mr. Grey
Mr. Hyde
This shirt gives you a classy asymmetrical design making the whole look of it more slender but chic.
Mr. Jekyll

Mr.Jekyll gets pretty wicked this summer giving us a half contrasted collar / cuff and shoulder look.

Mr. Nautica

This handcrafted shirt has a nautical printed body with white sleeves to complete the look.